About Us

Welcome to The Groomery & Co

For us, grooming isn't just a job - it's a personalized pampering experience for your furry friend. Beyond the snips and suds, we infuse our expertise with a genuine touch that sets us apart.

We know your pet isn't just an entry in our appointment book; they're a beloved member of your family. This deep understanding shapes our approach, making us not just a grooming salon, but a trusted companion in your pet's happiness.

dog grooming services at The Groomery & Co.

What Sets Us Apart


Furry Friend Bonding Time

We get it – grooming can be a bit nerve-wracking for pets. That's why we take the time to build genuine connections with the dogs we care for. Creating a bond ensures stress-free, delightful grooming sessions for your furry friend.


A Hub for Pet Lovers

Think of us as more than just a grooming spot; we're a hub within your community. We've woven strong ties with pet parents and their adored companions, cultivating an inviting and warm environment.


Passion Meets Wagging Tails

We're more than a groomer – we're passionate about making pets look and feel amazing. With friendly faces and genuine enthusiasm, we're experts in top-notch grooming that leaves your pet their best. Our mission: a happy, beautiful pet!

Meet the Grooming Dream Team


Natalie Salyer

Hey friends! My name is Natalie Salyer and I own The Groomery & Co. I’m a wife to Michael and we have a daughter named Avery. We have 3 dogs, Rogue (Standard Poodle), Olive (Toy Poodle), and Beaux (Labrador Retriever), and I also have a new addition to our furry family, a puppy named Ember. She's brought so much joy to our home! I also own and operate a small hobby dog breeding operation breeding Standard Poodles. I graduated grooming school in 2017 and have been in the pet industry for over a decade. My passion is to create a natural, calming and welcoming environment that your pets love to come to. I’m so glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll stay a while!


Nicole Mangham

My name is Nicole Mangham, I am a mother of a wonderful son named Brantley. I have two dogs Stinky (chihuahua), Maggie (Giant schnauzer), and a cat named Gracie. I have been grooming for 6 years and I absolutely love it! I really enjoy grooming schnauzers of all sizes and cats. A core value that I try to live my life by is to work hard and help others.

“See a need, fill a need”



Grooming Frequency
| Keep their Coats Fresh

We understand that each pet's grooming needs may differ. As a general guideline, we recommend regular grooming sessions to keep your pets in their best shape. Regular grooming not only maintains their appearance but also contributes to their overall health and well-being.

Our Expertise at
The Groomery & Co.

All Breeds Welcome
Our skilled groomers are experienced in grooming any type or breed of dog, ensuring that your furry friends receive the care and attention they deserve.

Curly Breeds
We excel in grooming curly breeds, and these adorable pups frequent our salon, allowing us to perfect our techniques and styles for them.

Specialized Grooming for Cats
For our feline friends, we offer specialized grooming services on certain days, ensuring they are pampered and kept looking their best.



Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

We do not allow pet parents to stay in the building while services are being performed, since most dogs will begin to act up and are unable to settle back down after seeing mom/dad/family. The only exception to this rule is nail trim-only services.

Drop off hours are as follows:

  1. Tuesday-Friday - 8-9am
  2. Saturday - 10am

We loosely run on a “first come, first served” basis. You will be asked if there is a specific time for pickup, and we are typically good at meeting those asks. We reserve the right to waive pick up times based on the dog load for the day, time of the year (holidays), condition of the pet, etc.

Yes, however, The Groomery will no longer be offering Full Groom services on a puppy’s first visit to a professional groomer. Puppies are extremely easily overwhelmed, and we like to start them slowly to produce well-behaved adult dogs. The grooming process is frightening and potentially dangerous for a wiggly tiny puppy. We will only be offering bath or mini-groom packages for a puppy’s first visit.

We recommend puppies start in our salon around 8-10 weeks of age, and come in every 2-3 weeks based on behavior. We will do our best to keep your puppy with the same groomer in order to form the very important bond between groomer & puppy.

  • The Groomery requires at least a 24-hour notice for any cancellations or reschedules. Cancellations within 24 hours of set appointment or no call, no-shows will be charged 50% of the grooming fee per pet on the schedule. Fees must be paid in order to book any future appointments.
  • 3 no-call, no-show incidents in a 6-month period will result in termination of the client.
  • Our groomers are paid by commission. This means that if they’re missing appointments, they’re missing their pay. We will have zero tolerance for these incidents unless an unforeseen emergency occurs, in which it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

We recommend that your dog be updated on Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella vaccines. We understand extenuating circumstances in which some dogs aren’t/can’t be vaccinated. These will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Cats are required to be up to date on rabies, FVRCP, and FeLV, with no exceptions.

We service primarily dogs but do accept cats on certain days!

Every pet must be either on a leash or inside a carrier/kennel when arriving, departing, and throughout their stay at The Groomery. While we discourage the use of retractable leashes, if you choose to use one, please ensure it is always in the "locked" position. It's important to refrain from letting your pet roam unleashed in our lobby or outside the premises. This policy is in place to ensure the safety of your pet and other animals under our care. We recognize that leashes might be accidentally left behind; feel free to ask us for a temporary replacement!